Looking for great representation when venturing out into the Green Valley real estate market?

Carolyn’s Clients Speak Out!

Take a look at what Carolyn’s clients are saying about the excellent service provided by this Green Valley real estate professional. Because of the trust and confidence placed in Carolyn by hundreds of clients, her “Best of the West” team has been #1 for Coldwell Banker in Tucson and Green Valley since she joined the company in 2001. Her dedication to service begins with the initial contact, months or perhaps years before the sale, and continues well after the closing to a long term commitment and genuine friendship.

Simply The Best

Recently, Carolyn Fox assisted me in the purchase of my new home in The Springs and it gives me great pleasure to report my total satisfaction with her service. Carolyn sold my house in Green Valley 10 years ago and when I decided to move back to Green Valley it was a no brainer to contact Coldwell Banker again. I was pleased to find Carolyn Fox still hard at work and willing to help me find another home in the area. I continue to be impressed with Carolyn’s ability to remain focused on the mission and her knowledge of the real estate market in the area. We did not waste a lot of time looking at property that did not meet our requirements and narrowed down what would work for us in the area. Coldwell Banker can be proud to have such a talented agent and I would not hesitate to recommend Carolyn Fox to any prospective buyers or sellers, as she’s simply the best.

Green Valley, AZ


A Very, Very Satisfying Experience

We could not have been represented any better than by Carolyn Fox. Carolyn was very thorough in explaining all the paperwork and her efforts to promote our sale. All our previous three homes were sold by ourselves so this was a first experience with a Realtor. A very, very satisfying experience it was.

There is no question we will recommend Carolyn to any friends or acquaintances that are considering the selling of a home.

Green Valley, AZ

The Best in the West

Carolyn Fox IS the best in the West! We thoroughly enjoyed working with her on the purchase of our new home and the sale of our house in The Springs. Her relaxed style and manner definitely made her the type of person we like working with.

She kept us informed on all proceedings concerning both houses and we appreciated that. She certainly represented Coldwell Banker well.

Louis & Mary
Green Valley, AZ

Tough Negotiator

We bought a home in Green Valley in 2002 through Carolyn. It was honestly the best real estate transaction we’ve ever been involved in (until now, that is).

Carolyn guided us through a difficult transaction – a house we fell in love with, but which was significantly over-priced and owned by a mid-western family trust which had let the house sit vacant on the market at 25% above its fair-market value for over a year.

Making an offer so much below the asking price required delicate negotiating and guidance from Carolyn. The sellers eventually accepted our offer and we were able to complete the sale, but without the advice and council of our Realtor it never would have happened.

On our last house, we saved $5,000 with her advice. On this one, by setting our offer at the limit of fair-market and insisting to the sellers it was the most the house would appraise for and that there would be no better offers, she was able to save us $10,000.

Carolyn Fox has, in the ten years we have known her, become a true friend and falls within the narrow circle of people you know you can trust without reserve.

Harry & Mary
Medford, OR

Going Above and Beyond

Having now settled in our new home in Colorado, we want to thank Coldwell Banker, and especially Carolyn, for the services given to us in the sale of our home in Green Valley.

From the very first day of listing until even AFTER the day of closing, she was not only friendly, but informative and helpful as well. We especially appreciated all the extra work that she did in contacting people to satisfy the home inspector – and all this while we were in Denver househunting! (And snowbound, as well!) She went “above and beyond”!

We were also very impressed with her when she sold another home for us several years ago (even though we had not listed with her), and that is why we called upon her to represent us in the sale of this home. We were very impressed with her professionalism!

Don & Lonny
Littleton, WI

Exceeding Expectations

We were referred to Carolyn Fox by another couple from Canada. We were in the market to buy in the Tucson area but fell in love with Green Valley. After getting in touch with Carolyn and explaining what we were looking for, she took us to all the places that fit our requirements. We did not really expect to find something so fast, but we did. The deal went through without a hitch.

I have purchased a few properties in my time but have never had the pleasure of dealing with a Realtor that was so helpful and friendly. She took the time to explain all the different aspects of buying real estate in the U.S. and assisting with every aspect in closing the deal. As we could not remain in Arizona long enough to be in the house when the deal closed she took charge of everything. She provided referrals to have some maintenance work done and personally arranged for all the inspections. She insisted on helping with everything we needed and went out of her way to make sure all went well. She took the time to explain all about Green Valley itself, Green Valley Rec., Home Owner’s Associations, shopping, taxes, etc. Any questions we had, she answered. When we finally arrived back in Arizona she even answered more questions that we had, and all these little extras really meant a lot to us.

We talked to others in the neighbourhood and they could not believe how well we were treated. They mentioned they were not told half the information by their Realtors, as she provided us. This goes to say I believe we picked the right realty company with Coldwell Banker.

We really appreciate all Carolyn did for us and would refer people to her in a minute. You should feel very proud to have her on your team at Coldwell Banker in Green Valley. It was a pleasure to have her assist us in finding our winter get away.

Brad & Karen
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Wonderful Service

I want to express my great appreciation for the work Carolyn Fox did in getting me into my first home. The house buying process was new to me but Carolyn’s guidance was reassuring and it was comforting to know I was being informed of everything from what to expect at an inspection to what company I needed to contact to set up my utilities. I knew that I could contact her with any questions and she would get back to me in a timely and well informed manner.

We looked at many houses but Carolyn never compromised my total satisfaction for the house I hoped to buy. The experience of buying my first home was, of course, overwhelming at times but Carolyn’s professionalism and understanding helped me walk away with confidence and pride in my purchase.

I hove my new home and would be more than happy to recommend Carolyn to prospective new home buyers looking for a great Realtor. Thank you again for wonderful service in beginning this next phase of my life.

Tucson, AZ

True Professional

We have just completed our second transaction with Coldwell Banker and Carolyn Fox. Once again it has been an easy and pleasant experience for us. Our Realtor is a true professional and always seems to know exactly what needs to be done and we need not worry about a thing. Although we do not anticipate moving again, we will not hesitate to refer her to anyone that asks us for the name of a competent Realtor in the area.

Royce & Lillie
Green Valley, AZ

The Best House for The Best Price

I cannot begin to tell you what a pleasure it was to work with Carolyn Fox making a purchase of our first home in Green Valley.

My first contact certainly was a surprise for her since she saw me come to her window from the back patio of the office. However, this proved advantageous  for me since she was truly the nicest person.

All through our search, and she showed us several houses, she maintained the most friendly, professional attitude and actually taught us a lot. We really believe we got the best house for the best price.

You can be assured that I will recommend her whenever someone wants to make a purchase.

Wolcott, NY

You Set the Standard!

It is very difficult when in a different location to deal with “Run of the Mill” brokers and agents after experiencing your expertise and professionalism. You set the standard!

Ralph & Gypsie
Columbus, OH